The Black and White

Texaco fight blown out of proportion

By Eleanor Katz

September 15, 2009

*By Kevin Hoogstraten* In the next few weeks, one of two Texaco signs will come off of the canopy of Mitch and Bill’s Texaco in Potomac Village. This may not seem like a big deal, but the fight over these signs and the ultimate decision to remove one of them is a prime example of Potomac Village’s...

Battle of the Classes: Just do it

By John Son

September 14, 2009

As senior year begins and Homecoming Week comes earlier than usual, I approach the most important day of my life: Battle of the Classes 2K9. For those freshman/non-spirited people out there, BOTC is an event during Spirit Week where five boys and five girls represent their grade and compete in a variety of even...

Facebook applications become increasingly ridiculous

By Jenny Baldwin

September 14, 2009

*By Rachel Nussbaum* Applications. Nope, I don’t mean college or job applications. This type’s more important. Read More »...