The Black and White

Music to my tears

By Rachel Nussbaum

October 5, 2009

Call it Restless Leg Syndrome (that’s believable). Call it unrealized musical ability. Whatever it is, it has to stop tapping on my chair. Every day, a light tap, tap, tap on my chair rack, as the person behind me gets comfortable in their chair, puts his feet up like he’s in a cushy recliner. I’...

Pump up the school spirit

By Kevin Hoogstraten

October 4, 2009

With Homecoming past us, it’s time to discuss a sore subject for many students: school spirit.  Every year, spirit week is the time for students to show their Whitman pride, and every year Whitman spirit falls embarrassingly short. Read More »...

Jaicko heats it up

By Tim Klepp

October 1, 2009

Though winter is fast approaching, Jaicko is heating up the R&B scene with his newly released single "Oh Yeah."  A native of Barbados, Jaicko infuses his unique brand of R&B with Caribbean influence creating a light and original sound. The catchy tune offers fans a sample of his widely-anticipated...

Remastered albums and Rockband bring back Beatlemania

By Tim Klepp

September 29, 2009

Beatlemania is back.  Nearly 40 years after the Beatles’ untimely breakup, the Fab Four are once again atop the charts with 235,000 CD sales this week.  British record company EMI released remastered copies of all 12 of the Beatles albums Sept. 9.  Coinciding with this release was The Beatles: Roc...

Protein bars, not candy bars

By Shayna Barbash

September 29, 2009

Many students wonder on a daily basis:  what exactly is the best recovery meal after a hard workout or taxing physical event?  While there’s no magic trick to building muscle food intake, certain combinations of exercise and energy allow for the maximal benefit from a workout.  Read More »...

Spotted: the romper

By Lindsey Galego

September 25, 2009

Students wearing rompers have been spotted.  In the school, in Vogue—even Jennifer Lopez designed her own romper as part of her fashion line, JLO.  Read More »...

Breakfast continues to have its benefits

By Shayna Barbash

September 18, 2009

 With school in full swing and mounds of homework pilings up, students say goodbye to waking up to the afternoon sun and hello to a 6:10 a.m. alarm. Read More »...

Teching in with John Son: Google and Apple release new goods

By John Son

September 16, 2009

Newly released technology from Google and Microsoft hints at what communication and social networking could be like 20 years from now. Read More »...

Driver’s Ed should be a MCPS class

By Surbhi Agrawal

September 15, 2009

*By Alana Neuman* Paying hundreds of dollars for a state-required drivers’ education class can be difficult for many families. To ease this financial burden, drivers’ education should be incorporated into the public school curriculum as an elective option. Read More »...

Texaco fight blown out of proportion

By Eleanor Katz

September 15, 2009

*By Kevin Hoogstraten* In the next few weeks, one of two Texaco signs will come off of the canopy of Mitch and Bill’s Texaco in Potomac Village. This may not seem like a big deal, but the fight over these signs and the ultimate decision to remove one of them is a prime example of Potomac Village’s...

Battle of the Classes: Just do it

By John Son

September 14, 2009

As senior year begins and Homecoming Week comes earlier than usual, I approach the most important day of my life: Battle of the Classes 2K9. For those freshman/non-spirited people out there, BOTC is an event during Spirit Week where five boys and five girls represent their grade and compete in a variety of even...

Facebook applications become increasingly ridiculous

By Jenny Baldwin

September 14, 2009

*By Rachel Nussbaum* Applications. Nope, I don’t mean college or job applications. This type’s more important. Read More »...