The Black and White

The lasting impact of the Armenian Genocide

A photo of my great-grandparents Krikor and Astrid Papasian. Krikor married Astrid in Belgium after leaving behind his friends and family in order to survive the Armenian Genocide.
February 6, 2020

For most of my life, I saw my Armenian background as a trivial part of my family history. My family and I often joked about how our very white family technically originated from Asia, and we loosely connected...

Journalism requires sensitivity in tragic events

TMZ broke the news of Bryant's death before his family was notified.
TMZ shouldn't have broken the news of Kobe Bryant's death before his family was notified
February 4, 2020

Just like they do dozens of other times every day, people around the world checked their phones Jan. 26 at 2:32 pm. But what they saw this time was different: a notification from TMZ with the headline,...

52 years after “Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood” aired, we still remember its message

Mister Rogers' sayings like “Won’t you be my neighbor?” and “It’s you I like” reminded me of how Mister Rogers’ words had shaped my childhood.
February 3, 2020

When I was little, lunch at my grandma’s house was nearly always the same: the smell of pasta cooking on her gas stove, the glowing screen of her 10-by-10 inch antenna TV and Mister Rogers’ timeless...

High school books, ranked

High school books, ranked
January 23, 2020

It’s no secret that many high school students find reading to be a nuisance, but when teachers force them to read a book, that nuisance turns into an outright dislike for reading. Even if it’s a good...

A viking in France

My classmates and I walked for three hours in quicksand to Mont St. Michel.
One student's experiences studying in France last semester
January 22, 2020

When I stepped off of the plane on September 4, I couldn’t believe where I was. After all those months of telling people I would be living in France for a year, I was finally here — albeit in the airport,...

Christmas is more than just a holiday

I'm Jewish, but my family and I still celebrate Christmas every year.
December 24, 2019

I’m Jewish. I’ve spent countless hours in Hebrew school, and countless more at three-hour long holiday services. I’ve read from the Torah and Haftorah, I’ve had a Bar Mitzvah and I’ve attended...

Art museums should feature more work from female artists

Few people can name five female artists. Museums should make more of an effort to display art from female artists.
December 24, 2019

Can you name five female artists? As an aspiring female artist myself, answering this question seemed like it would be a breeze. I timed myself, expecting to take no longer than 30 seconds. But it took...

I tried to write a 50,000-word novel in one month — and it wasn’t easy

I spent the month of November trying to write a novel — and it wasn't easy.
December 18, 2019

On the first day of November, I wrote 800 words. Sounds like a lot, doesn’t it? It wasn’t even half of my daily goal. Every night of November, I planned on writing 1,667 words a day. For someone...

Depersonalization and Derealization: A common symptom of anxiety or PTSD

Depersonalization and Derealization: A common symptom of anxiety or PTSD
December 16, 2019

Content warning: This story contains language that pertains to mental health and suicide.   My mind keeps jumping to different places right now, and I don’t feel normal. I tried to search...

Whitman: present options other than college for seniors

It's important to emphasize that college isn't for everyone. The school should present other choices for students as well, like trade schools and gap years.
December 15, 2019

One of the biggest decisions for most high school seniors is choosing what to do after graduating. For most Whitman students, it seems like there are only two options: go straight to college from high...

In the media center, don’t just look, take a book!

Fiction novels sit on the shelves of the media center.
December 9, 2019

I’m genuinely surprised when I see someone check out a book from the media center. I’ve only checked out two books in my time at Whitman, and I’ve never had to wait in line. In fact, the books seem...

Sparkling water isn’t worth the hype

December 8, 2019

It has to be said: sparkling water isn’t worth the hype. Over the last few years, sparkling water has blown up. Americans spent about $2 billion on sparkling water at restaurants in 2018, a proportionate...

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