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My experience becoming a

My experience becoming a “gamer”

By Jaclyn Morgan April 8, 2020

As I’m sitting on the couch playing Fortnite, I question what I’m doing and if I’m even invested in the game at all. I’ve been playing for at least two hours a couple of times a week, trying to...

The media portrays sexual assault in way that caused me to feel like my experience wasn't valid.

Rape in pop culture isn’t always reality

By Anonymous April 6, 2020

Content warning: This story contains language that pertains to rape. I had always known the textbook definition of rape — “an act in which a person sexually engages another person without that person’s...

I tried solving a Rubik's cube in one week, but it was harder than it looks.

I tried solving a Rubik’s cube in one week — and failed

By Sam Mulford March 26, 2020

When my brother was in middle school, he loved solving Rubik’s Cubes — he’d spend hours on the computer watching videos about how to manipulate the colorful squares. At his fastest, he could complete...

After having to miss out on cross country and gymnastics because of an injury, I managed to find new hobbies while still remaining a part of my teams.

Injured athletes: You can still find yourselves outside of sports

By Holly Adams March 18, 2020

Prince blasted through my earbuds and my heart pounded in anticipation and anxiety as I sat on the bus to a cross country meet last September. I’ve always had extreme pre-race nerves but I’d put extra...

I was diagnosed with Dyslexia when I was 15 years old. And no, I don't have the same experiences as Bella Thorne.

My experiences with Dyslexia

By Ella Adams March 17, 2020

When I tell people I’m dyslexic, they expect that when I see an “m,” it flips into “w,” and that “b’s” swirl into “d”s.” But, when I open a book, I see the same letters as you. There...

My French friends and I eating the traditional galette des rois. (left to right) Gabriel, Lolie, Peio, Ben, me (Audrey), Mélinn, Lilou, Alice, Chloé.

A Viking in France, part 2

By Audrey Feledy March 13, 2020

It’s been about six months since my plane from the U.S. took off. Forty other students and I have traveled together, studied for the same tests together and eaten lunch together every day. It’s a change...

Can I steal for you a sec?

By Bella Grumet March 11, 2020

When I asked my parents if I could watch “The Bachelor” during my freshman year, their answer was an immediate and definitive no. They believed the show promoted promiscuity and toxic masculinity;...

Roy (left) tries to get Gali’s attention while Gali (right) gazes directly into the camera.

A blog about my dog

By Ethan Wagner March 5, 2020

I’ve been used to having only one dog in my house. I knew my dog’s daily routine like the back of my hand; I knew down to the detail of what time she likes to sleep at night. But when my family introduced...

When it comes to helping a friend with mental health issues, don't discount little actions.

Small acts make a big difference in mental health

By Bella Grumet February 24, 2020

My heart drops every time I hear the PA system come on at school. I get nauseous at the sound of sirens at night. I can’t listen to “Party in the USA” without being flooded with memories. Some days...

Nineties sitcoms are outdated — that's no reason to

Nineties sitcoms are outdated — that’s no reason to “cancel” them

By Holly Adams February 13, 2020

Whether I’m complimenting someone’s Rachel Green-esque outfit or giving my friends Ron Swanson life advice to fix their problems, I constantly reference sitcoms in my daily conversations. Sometimes,...

Power to the people: don't overlook local politics

Power to the people: don’t overlook local politics

By Jocie Mintz February 11, 2020

When I was writing an article about an environmental town hall, I knew I’d have to sit through three hours of political schmooze between the old people in local government. I headed to the town hall...

I used to want cable. Now? Not so much.

I used to want cable. Now? Not so much.

By James Marzolf-Miller February 9, 2020

When I was younger, Fridays were special for me; my friends and I would bring our beyblades — those spinny, metal tops that can cut your fingers if you’re not careful — and battle each other near...

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