The Black and White

The Ilias family delivers sweets to friends for Eid in the time of a pandemic.

Celebrating Ramadan virtually: how quarantine has forced new traditions

By Iman Ilias August 15, 2020

Eating dates and samosas with friends at the mosque. Listening to the imam’s sermon late at night. Choosing what to wear on Eid. Praying side by side with people of all different backgrounds and ages.  That’s...

Mourning during a pandemic

Mourning during a pandemic

By Isabella Brody July 2, 2020

Content warning: This story contains language that pertains to suicide. I never expected I would live through a global pandemic in my lifetime, and I never expected to lose my best friend either, let...

Four pine trees at Ferwood park. A storm knocked down the tree second from the left two days after I climbed it.

Branching into a new hobby: The art of tree climbing

By Alex Schupak June 27, 2020

With Tyler the Creator’s Igor blasting through my earbuds and the orange light of the summer sunset warming my face, all my worries seemed to drift away; this was the highest I had ever been. Two days...

Why Netflix’s

Why Netflix’s “Never Have I Ever” matters

By Tara Davoodi June 26, 2020

As a little kid, Cinderella was my idol. One Halloween, I even dressed up as her: sparkly blue dress, tiara and all. It seems like typical behavior from a five year old immersed in Disney princess culture....

This year, I participated in an academic bowl for students who are deaf and hard of hearing. Though COVID-19 derailed the tournament a bit, the Montgomery County team still managed to win.

Learning from questions

By Caroline Itzkoff June 18, 2020

For the past couple of months, I’ve had about the same quarantine routine as everyone else; sleep in, stay in sweats and pajamas all day, watch tons of Netflix and Zoom with friends. But my quarantine...

Maryland Governor Larry

How I stopped worrying and learned to love ‘The Hog’

By Jack McGuire June 13, 2020

All great politicians have nicknames. Former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher sported the name “The Milk Snatcher” thanks to her decision to remove free school milk (which has contributed to...

College test prep books sit on a shelf in the CIC.

My experiences with the college process during COVID-19

By Eve Titlebaum June 9, 2020

Junior year is infamous for AP classes and tests, SATs and ACTs, homework and college visits — or at least it’s supposed to be. When doctors reported the first case of COVID-19 in the US in January,...

A picture I took on one of my walks. After I started waking up early, I tried to find more activities to make each day seem “normal” again, and going outside was one of them.

Seven for seven: My quarantine journey of waking up early

By James Marzolf-Miller June 1, 2020

“Honey, it’s time to get up!”  My mom entered my room and casually opened my windows Tuesday morning in early April. Although she had been awake for a few hours she was still her energetic and...

My grandfather reads me a picture book.

Last week, my grandfather passed away from COVID-19. This is my story.

By Maeve Hagerty May 28, 2020

“There’s always a time to say goodbye, and this is that time,” he said to us as we huddled around the phone on our kitchen table. He was leaving us, possibly forever, and yet it was the first peace...

My recorder from third grade, still adorned with the colorful belts I earned in elementary school.

Reteaching myself to play the recorder ends on a high note

By Emily London May 17, 2020

I hit the peak of my musical career playing the recorder in third grade music class. I practiced tirelessly, annoying my dog nightly with the instrument’s high-pitched squeaks and eventually mastering...

On my own terms: my experience dealing with pregnancy and abortion as a teenager

On my own terms: my experience dealing with pregnancy and abortion as a teenager

By Anonymous May 12, 2020

Alone in my closet, I was afraid of what was going to happen tomorrow. I couldn’t hold back the gushing stream of tears, knowing that the moment I walked inside, that would be my decision. There was...

My story of workplace harassment

My story of workplace harassment

By Anonymous April 9, 2020

The names used in this article have been changed to maintain privacy. Feeling uncomfortable around coworkers, receiving invitations to bars and clubs and having superiors constantly offering alcohol...

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