The Black and White

My brother, Zaki, and I pose for a photo while on vacation in the Bahamas 12 years ago.

Trapped together: How quarantine redefined my sibling bond

By Iman Ilias February 19, 2021

“Why are you so annoying?” “You’re the annoying one!”  “Oh, I’m so sick of you!”  Sibling screaming matches and silent treatments are both typical scenes from the Ilias household,...

A college rejection may be the last thing you want to hear, but ultimately you will end up in the perfect place for you.

Coming to terms with college rejections

By Bella Brody February 15, 2021

Student names have been changed to respect the privacy of individuals.  A month ago, I was rejected from my top choice college. I applied there early action and my rejection, in a word, sucked. Though...

Baseball is the perfect pandemic sport because players can remain socially distanced with relative ease.

Rec baseball got me through COVID

By Felix Leonhardt February 1, 2021

I dug my cleats into the batter's box once again, flinching as a bit of dust snuck into my eye. There were two strikes in the count, and I refused to allow a third. As the pitcher delivered his next pitch,...

Going green: raising my environmental sustainability for two weeks

Going green: raising my environmental sustainability for two weeks

By Kendall Headley January 29, 2021

As a teenager, I practically live on long, hot showers, cheap online shopping and meat-filled meals. But as much as I cherish these luxuries, I know some of my favorite vices are detrimental to our planet.  My...

Playing basketball with friends helps bring back old memories.

How returning to the Pyle basketball courts helped me relive old memories

By Rafe Epstein January 28, 2021

I spun my fidget spinner impatiently, watching the clock in the back of my eighth grade science class. I couldn’t focus on the day’s particular lecture, as my mind was consumed by an activity I found...

Members of the Zumba class pose for a photo on the Whitman track.

Shaking things up: Zumba on the turf

By Caitlin Cowan January 26, 2021

It’s probably fair to say that much of my time in this world has revolved around challenging strangers to dance battles, forcing random drive-thru workers to wave at my vlog camera, wearing Olaf onesies...

I listen to Taylor Swift: don’t let cultural norms dictate your preferences

I listen to Taylor Swift: don’t let cultural norms dictate your preferences

By Felix Leonhardt January 23, 2021

When Spotify released its end of year “wrapped” — a summary of what music you listened to in 2020 — my friends and I excitedly began comparing top songs, artists and genres. One of them listened...

I played pickleball frequently with my family while I was on vacation.

Pickleball practice makes pickleball perfect

By Daniel Miller January 19, 2021

In the fall of seventh grade, I distinctly remember the day my P.E. teacher brought my class to the tennis courts and toted out large, strange looking paddles and wiffle balls. For the next hour and a...

normalize saying

Normalize saying “I don’t know”

By Tara Davoodi January 11, 2021

“What do you want for dinner?” Each time my parents ask me this question, my mind plunges into a frenzy of indecision and my eyes adopt a vacant stare. It’s such an open-ended query; there are...

One of my favorite Pakistani TV shows,

Watching culture come to life; my experience with foreign media

By Iman Ilias January 6, 2021

Curry and lentils steamed on the stove, my father sat with his feet up on the couch while my mother and grandmother quietly talked with one another. An intense Pakistani drama played out on the TV, with...

Trying out a quarantine routine: running every day

Trying out a quarantine routine: running every day

By Eve Titlebaum January 1, 2021

As my iPhone alarm blares on, I reach over to my bedside table to hit the snooze button. It's already 8:56 a.m., four minutes before the start of my first period. Oops. I lumber to my desk, a mere two...

Despite being an unprecedented year filled with suffering and hardships, 2020 has yielded some benefits.

Looking back on 2020: what to take away from a difficult year

By Defne Aslan December 31, 2020

Most people see the new year as an opportunity for a fresh start; it provides us with a “rewinding the clock” mindset. The collective excitement for 2020 was just the same, if not more. We were starting...

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