The Black and White

Poetry has served as a source of light for me throughout a dark time in my life.

How poetry helped me cope with loss during a pandemic

By Nada Fadul April 9, 2021

During the 1940s, Harlem Renaissance artists such as Langston Hughes leveraged poetry to express the racial struggles of Black people. In the 1960s, Allen Ginsburg’s “Beat Generation” revitalized...

Playing basketball alone is one of many creative mediums that allows a person to use their imagination to the fullest extent in a world where we’re constantly told what to do.

Sparking my imagination: How playing basketball alone has helped me through a pandemic

By Quentin Corpuel April 7, 2021

“Twenty seconds to go, Knicks down by two. Quentin Corpuel has the ball with the chance to win the New York Knicks their first championship since 1973. The crowd is on their feet here at Madison Square...

Pink Floyd's sensational song is still just as — if not, even more — relevant today.

40 years later: Are we still just another brick in the wall?

By Caitlin Cowan March 31, 2021

They tell us we are the next generation. A representation of greatness, a symbol of hope, a future of prosperity. They tell us we have the power to fix all the wrongs in this world, make it a better place...

I never would have believed I’d be crawling back to a practice that haunted my childhood, and I never could have imagined a once-in-a-century pandemic would be the reason friendship bracelets waltzed their way back into my life.

Getting tied up in a resented hobby

By Zoe Cantor March 28, 2021

When I was a kid, my summers consisted of watching friends make friendship bracelets. At day camps, sleepaway camps and even the pool, the bracelets were impossible to avoid. Counselors would bring out...

Virtual learning coupled with the struggles of dyslexia can be both a blessing and a curse.

My experience navigating through online school with dyslexia

By Andrew Audas March 23, 2021

I’ve known I’m dyslexic ever since I struggled to read the Berenstain Bears books in third grade. After this realization, I began to start the long process of figuring out creative ways to remain at...

Reflecting on the Atlanta spa shootings: experiencing the five stages of grief

Reflecting on the Atlanta spa shootings: experiencing the five stages of grief

By Zoe Cantor March 22, 2021

On the evening of March 16, I was in denial. As the headlines revealed more information about the Atlanta spa shooting, I felt weary, constantly refreshing my web browser for new information. How could...

I kept looking back at one sentence: “You share this personality type with about 5% of the population, which means that 95% of the world sees things differently.”

Analyzing my Myers-Briggs personality type

By Kendall Headley March 13, 2021

ENFP. That stands for extraversion, intuition, feeling and perception: my personality type. I tested in at over 20 –– an extremely strong tendency –– for all four categories, meaning my driving...

Recently, my family has gone Saturdays without using any devices.

Screenless Saturdays: Going 24 hours without electronic devices

By Felix Leonhardt March 12, 2021

Staring at the TV with a dull headache after yawning through an episode of “The Office,” I decided to go to bed. I walked upstairs to my bedroom and while brushing my teeth, I glanced out my window...

These broadcasting alterations to the game provided a unique experience that helped make younger kids excited about watching football.

NFL on Nick: how professional sports leagues can attract the next generation of fans

By Eli Putnam March 11, 2021

If you happened to switch onto the Nickelodeon channel while watching TV on January 10, you might’ve been shocked by what you saw: the New Orleans Saints and the Chicago Bears battling in the first round...

Microhabits are incremental improvements to your daily routine. Over the past few months, microhabits have helped me better my mental health.

My experience with microhabits: Trying a new approach to mental health

By Sasha Blake March 10, 2021

Most mornings, I wake up around four minutes before my first period, absolutely exhausted. I reach for my pink Snuggie, sluggishly join my Zoom meeting and shuffle between completing work on a Nearpod...

The joy of watching him “swiiiiiirl the numbers” and “pick a number” in his midwestern nasally drawl comes from its idiosyncratic nature rather than any inherit meaning.

Social distancing surrealism: how David Lynch has helped me get through a pandemic

By Alex Schupak March 7, 2021

Jeffrey Beaumont and Sandy Williams walk down a sidewalk in a picturesque suburban town. The soft glow of lanterns fills the street while crickets chirp in the background. Their pastel colored clothes...

This past Hanukkah was ripe with instances of anti-Semitism.

An ongoing surge of hatred and ignorance: 21st century anti-Semitism

By Skylar Chasen February 26, 2021

On the first night of Hanukkah, vandalists spray painted messages calling Jews “devils” and “liars” at a Temple in Iowa. This brazen act of anti-Semitism was not an isolated incident; rather, it...

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