The Black and White

Photo of the Day: B&W staff receive individual awards from CSPA

Four Black & White editors — (from left to right) Max London, Alex Robinson, Dana Herrnstadt and Aditi Gujaran — were honored by the CSPA for their individual writing. Photo by Jose Wray.

By Ally Navarrete

October 14, 2019

Four Black & White editors, as well as two former staff members, were honored for their work in the annual Columbia Scholastic Press Association Gold Circle awards. Print Managing Editor Max London won first place in news feature for his story about Trump's transgender ban; he won second place in gen...

Photo of the Day: 9/23

Austin Tice's father, Marc, speaks at a press conference about his son. Austin is an American journalist detained in Syria. He hasn't been heard from in almost eight years.

By Dana Herrnstadt

September 23, 2019

Nine Black & White staff members joined around 100 other volunteers in Washington, D.C. to advocate for the release of Austin Tice, a journalist currently held in captivity in Syria. Tice’s parents, Marc and Debra, organized the event, which included a press conference as well as canvassing members ...

Photo of the day, June 14: freshman orientation

Photo of the day, June 14: freshman orientation

By Dana Herrnstadt

June 14, 2019

Current eighth grade students file into Fabiola Katz's AP Spanish class today during a tour. The students visited Whitman this morning for Freshman Orientation, and Whitman's student "Navigators" led group tours around the school. "It's nerve-wracking," rising freshman Victorine Meuwissen said. "I...

“Solar power, man”: APES students test out homemade solar cookers

By Anna Labarca

June 11, 2019

AP Environmental Science students gather on the WAUD tennis courts to test out homemade solar cookers. Students from teacher Kelly Garton’s APES class had to create solar cookers from items around their houses; today, they tested the cookers by heating 200 mL of water. Solar cookers varied from...

Special delivery! MCPS plunks portables in parking lot, drivers forced to evacuate

Special delivery! MCPS plunks portables in parking lot, drivers forced to evacuate

By Joseph Ferrari

June 5, 2019

MCPS delivered the halves of six out of 12 portable classrooms to the parking lot this afternoon. In third period, administrators announced over the PA that cars parked in the two rows closest to River Road must move to create space for the equipment. Administrators recommended they park in the remaining spot...

Pyle student Arvin Kim wins award for leadership in community

County Council President Navarro presents Kim with an award for participating in a video advocating for Asian American Racial Equity. Kim was chosen for his leadership and advocacy in the county. Photo courtesy of Arvin Kim.

By Mia Friedman

June 5, 2019

Once a week, after a 20 minute drive, Pyle eighth grade student Arvin Kim opens the door to his family’s black Volvo. He waves goodbye to his mom as he walks toward the Board of Education building, where he meets with the rest of the Montgomery County Junior Council. During the meeting, they discus...

English teacher Omari James “reproposes” to counselor Angela Fang

English teacher Omari James

By Clara Koritz-Hawkes and Jack Gonzalez

June 4, 2019

There wasn’t a dry eye in Whitman’s main entrance when English teacher Omari James "reproposed" to his current fiancee, counselor Angela Fang, today during fifth period. James recruited Whitman’s male acapella group, Solid and Sound, to sing for Ms. Fang. The group sang “Can’t Help Falling...

Photo of the day: May 29

Photo of the day: May 29

By Reuben Stoll

May 29, 2019

  (Top) From the left, freshmen Jack Andres, Taylor Beers and Olivia Sitrick rehearse a scene from Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet. (Right) Freshmen Saul Remmick (left), playing Tybalt, and Paul Meuwissen (right), playing Romeo, rehearse a vicious battle in a scene from Romeo and Juliet....

Battle of the Bands rocks out in the WAUD one last time

Battle of the Bands rocks out in the WAUD one last time

By Taylor Haber, Bella Grumet, and Gabe Schaner

May 22, 2019

Covered in tie-dyed bed sheets and strewn with black electrical cords, the Waudatorium had shaken its usual English class undercurrents; instead of scribbling notes for some Socratic seminar, students plugged in amps and adjusted mics. Instead of studying Macbeth and Hamlet, they tuned their guitars. And i...

Photo of the day: May 20

Photo of the day: May 20

By Elyse Lowet

May 20, 2019

Senior Christelle Mecherkany claims her yearbook in front of the main office. Seniors can pick up their yearbooks during both lunches May 20 to 23 outside the main office and auditorium.