The Black and White

Mark Pryor graduated from Whitman in 1981, and served as a Senator from 2003 to 2015 (D-Arkansas). He now works as a partner at the law firm Venable LLP.

Q&A with former Senator Mark Pryor (‘81)

By Ben Waldman March 17, 2020

Mark Pryor (D-Arkansas) served in the Senate from 2003 to 2015. Pryor attended Whitman from 1978 to 1981, while his father, David Pryor (D-Arkansas), served in the Senate. Because of his father’s political...

In an era where fake news abounds, we have to double check before we pass on information

Think before you share

By Ben Stricker March 15, 2020

As senior Wesley Smith scrolled through his Instagram feed, he spotted a post of his friend climbing on the ledge of a gray rock — but something strange about the photo struck him immediately. In the...

Students look to combat high energy costs at Whitman

Students look to combat high energy costs at Whitman

By Sarah Tong March 12, 2020

Junior Nikki Widra sits in her eighth period English class, shivering because she didn’t bring a sweatshirt; most of her other classes are overwhelmingly hot. But across the school, junior Audrey Pechilis...

Senior Jackie Aronie's nail art table.

Keeping it polished: Senior Jackie Aronie starts nail art business

By Celina Fratzscher March 3, 2020

Senior Jackie Aronie is a self-defined perfectionist: each vial of nail polish is carefully organized and numbered by color, each nail art design painstakingly crafted with enormous attention to detail,...

Members from the Capital Youth Outreach Club pose at an award ceremony recognizing their fundraising efforts for the coronavirus epidemic.

Whitman students fundraise to help fight the coronavirus outbreak in China

By Heather Wang March 1, 2020

A few days before the Chinese Spring Festival, a holiday signifying family reunion, junior Baichuan Wang’s father was planning to fly back to the United States after a business trip to China. But he...

A thumbnail from junior Bella Valdez’s YouTube channel. Valdez typically posts videos that depict her life as a high school junior.

Make sure to like and subscribe: YouTube provides creative outlet for Whitman students

By Jack McGuire February 27, 2020

Junior Nicky Deeds — better known by his YouTube username “HamesAlwaysWins” — has his eyes locked on his 16 by 9 inch computer monitor, with his right hand firmly gripping a colorful mouse and...

In 2012, Lily Yin poses at the Beijing fair the day after Chinese New Year.

Welcoming the spring with Chinese New Year

By Eva Levy February 26, 2020

Using a wooden rolling pin, junior Chunlin An flattened a ball of dough on top of the black and white checkered tablecloth covering her dining room table. Littered across the table were all the dumpling-making...

Celebrating Black History Month in our community

Celebrating Black History Month in our community

By Bella Learn February 25, 2020

The roots of Black History Month date back to 1926, when historian Carter G. Woodson and the Association for the Study of Negro Life and History named the second week of February “Negro History Week,”...

Bryan Eng (‘16) sits at a piano as he plans his arrangements for his album “20.” Eng attributes Whitman Drama for inspiring him to create his professionally produced, jazzy album.

For Whitman Drama alumni, the show goes on

By Jack McGuire February 21, 2020

Nearly every actor, professional or amateur, will tell you that theatre is a cutthroat environment. Every acting choice is subject to scrutiny, and the competition is fierce. Despite the challenges and...

Senior Lucas Arulpragasam (above) as Captain Blackstache and senior Matthew Millin (below) as Peter is this year's winter play,

“Peter and the Starcatcher” to feature original music, audience participation

By Celina Fratzscher February 19, 2020

Five minutes after the final school bell rings, the cast of the winter play is already anxious for rehearsal to begin. Senior Sammy Strent sits at the piano in the chorus room, tapping his feet and snapping...

Junior Kat Gorlenko reads the last announcement before signing off. “The way you speak over the announcements can change a lot of people’s days, and how they feel, just through how you’re saying it,” Gorlenko said. “The emotions, the inflection, the energy — you don’t have your body or your face to show any of that. It’s just your voice,

“Good morning, Whitman!”

By Eva Levy February 18, 2020

At the sound of the bell, all the students in room A303 burst into the halls. But while senior Lucas Folio’s classmates shuffle to their second period, he takes a detour to the main office.  There,...

Senior Hannah Donner mid-dive. Donner has been diving since she was nine, diving for her summer team.

Seniors make their mark on the diving boards

By Matt Mande and Andrew Eagle February 12, 2020

Senior Hannah Donner began diving when she was nine for her summer team. Senior Liam Gilbert-Lawrence took a similar path, starting when he was 12, also for his summer team. Since then, both Donner and...

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