Study tips for exam week

By Molly Kaplowitz

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With exam time upon us, many students are already hard at work studying, and stocking up on Red Bull to pull yet another all-nighter. To maintain your sanity during this time of year, here are five steps to get high exam grades:

Avoid looking like this by following the five steps of studying: rest, relax, organize, divide and pace. Photo courtesy

Rest: Make sure you get sleep the night before the exam. Drowsiness will only hurt your grade. When you wake up the next morning, stay energized by making sure to grab a good breakfast. Once you have the test in front of you…

Relax: It’s best to stay calm while preparing for exams. Panicking will only lead to hysteria. Once you’re in a positive mindset, you’ll be a more efficient studier.

Organize: If you’re the type that hoards papers until your binders are close to exploding, start cleaning. Sort through papers by subject until only the bare essentials are left. Old note cards and terms lists can be great study aids, so hang onto them. Try to study in smaller chunks of time; it’ll be easier to retain the harder information this way.

Divide: Once you have the subjects laid out, sort them by unit. If you’re not sure something will be on the exam, study it anyway. It’s best to err on the side of caution.

Pace: Spread out your studying. It’s best to study each subject bit by bit and regularly switch among them to keep your mind fresh. Whatever you do, don’t cram. It overloads your memory, leaving you with a blank brain on test day. Studying requires just a half an hour per subject, per night. Make sure to take breaks, though, or you’ll overload your brain.

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