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Purse and luggage designer Kipling revamps its bags

By Lindsey Galego

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While keeping some of the old designs, Kipling has come out with many new collections. Photo courtesy of

While keeping some of the old designs, Kipling has come out with many new collections. Photo courtesy of

We all remember the Kipling bags with the adorable, furry gorilla key-chains attached. But what happened to Kipling? 

Last year, Kipling completely redesigned both the bag and the infamous gorilla.  Collaborating alongside designer Girls from Omsk, Kipling bags are back with a sleek and shiny new look, including metal gorillas in dance positions or just gorilla faces.

The company has also adapted a new futuristic style for their purses.  Their Nola tote bag, under their “City” collection, takes on a bold metallic, silver color complete with black buckles and a black monkey face dangling from the handles.  Additionally, the Nola tote incorporates black zippers instead of the traditional lock.  The Nola tote, although pricy ($138), is ideal for an excursion into the city or even as a school accessory.

For a more funky approach, try Kipling’s “Gorilla Girlz” collection or “If Print.”  Available in many colorful and dynamic patterns, the Gorilla Girlz collection offers purses of any size, from small clutches to large shoulder bags.  Prices range from $54 to $68.  The If Print collection features psychedelic designs that are bound to make you stop and stare.  Prices range from $48 to $98.  You won’t go anywhere without turning heads. 

Kipling also created “Message totes,” which feature messages written on the bags like “me being me” or “live in the moment.”  These inspirational messages are a subtle way to express yourself, not to mention the graceful metal monkey that’s included with each bag.

But no worries for the die-hard Kipling fans because Kipling still offers the old-school fuzzy gorilla key-chains in many colors.  Just be sure to look in the “Basic Solid” collection.  Prices still too steep?  Check out the sale section on; purses are available for $60 plus shipping!

While Kipling bags used to convey a fun and easy-going attitude, they now represent desirable sophistication and suaveness.

Where to find Kipling: Macy’s at Montgomery Mall

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