Girls basketball falls to Churchill 60–25

By Ellen Ford

The girls basketball team (4–5) suffered a tough loss to the Churchill Bulldogs (7–2) on Monday night, falling 60–25. 

The Bulldogs defense was resiliant all night long, forcing the Vikes to take contested jumpshots that they couldn’t get to fall. Senior Cameron Freund was able to foster most of the Vikes success, capitalizing on a few open shots in the paint. At the end of the first quarter, the Bulldogs held a 12 point lead and continued to push their high speed tempo. 

The Bulldogs continued to challenge the Vikes defense and piled another 18 points onto their lead throughout the second quarter. The Vikes struggled to gain an offensive rhythm and only managed to put up four points before the half. At the halftime break, the Vikes trailed 36–10. 

Coming out of the half, the Vikes on-court chemistry finally came together for the first time all night. Sophomore Meera Krishnan and fellow sophomore Kathryn Marquardt both scored a few baskets to cut into the Bulldogs lead. However, the Bulldogs bounced right back and scored several unanswered points. At the end of the third quarter, the Vikes still trailed 49–18. 

The fourth quarter continued to be a similar story, with the Vikes still struggling to create an offensive response to the Bulldogs lead. Sophomore Faith Gardner-Johnston was able to capitalize on a couple of free throws at the line to spark a moment of offense but it wasn’t quite enough. As the final seconds ticked off the clock, the final score stood 60–25 in favor of the Bulldogs. 

The Vikes will host the Watkins Mill Wolverines (1–9) next Tuesday night at 7:15 pm and will look to get back into the win column.