Planned Parenthood

This links to the Gaithersburg Planned Parenthood. There’s another one in DC; however, the parking is much better here. It’s hard to get into — you have to have an appointment in order to get into the building. Click on the doorbell and say your full name. They will buzz you in. It takes a little longer in order for you to get tested and they’ll only test you for the four most common STI’s, but the staff is all very nice and helpful. They are required to report it to the police if they find out that you’re a minor; however, they’ll do it anonymously and won’t press charges unless you want to. It’s about 100 dollars to get tested here. They also offer other services such as abortions, plan B, and more. 

Rainn – Get Involved | Rainn – Safety & Prevention

These are great sources in order to help prevent these sexual assaults from occurring. There are good tips and ways to avoid situations that can be dangerous. In addition, there is a website that allows you to help these victims get over these traumas by getting involved by donating or volunteering. 

Rainn Hotline

This starts as a really helpful text line, a group chat. There’s a lot of different types of people in the group chat with one staff member that is observing the conversation to make sure nothing inappropriate or unsafe is being sad. They’ll help you feel supported, and you’ll find lots of different people who struggle with the same issues that you are dealing with. They’re here to empathize and help give you any advice. However, the group chat is just a part of you waiting in queue to talk one-on-one with a specialist. This is an amazing resource since Montgomery County doesn’t have any rape victim support groups. 

Phone line: 800.656.HOPE (4673)

If you’re in any immediate danger and want someone to talk to CALL THIS NUMBER! It’s confidential and can really help you with anything that you might need. They’ll talk to you about the steps you should take in order to help with your assault — if you want to report it to the police or just get a rape kit test done, they’ll be happy to help you through any process.

Victim Assistance and Sexual Assault Program (VASAP) in Montgomery County

(240)777-1355 – Weekdays

(240)777-4357 – 24-hour crisis line

This is a great resource provided by Montgomery County. They offer counseling sessions and the first visit to counseling is free, but after that the cost depends on your income. Depending on your situation, the therapist could either charge you between 10-50 dollars per session. In addition, this resource can help assist filing charges to the rapist.