Photo of the day: May 20

By Elyse Lowet

Senior Christelle Mecherkany claims her yearbook in front of the main office. Seniors can pick up their yearbooks during both lunches May 20 to 23 outside the main office and auditorium.

This year’s theme was “Shape,” and yearbooks are available in three different colors: teal, red and yellow. Yearbook editor-in-chief Maya Valencia, the primary person behind the theme and design, said she was excited to see her hard work pay off.

“It was really stressful at times because we were so short on staff, but in the end it was really rewarding seeing the final product,” Valencia said.

Students are looking forward to reminiscing about this year’s highlights.

“I think it’s really cool how one book can capture all the moments throughout high school, and I’m really excited to look through it,” senior Koorosh Arsanjani said.