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This week in photos: Polar Vortex

By Zoe Kaufmann

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The first week of second semester did not feature a full day of school. The Polar Vortex centered in the midwest spread to Bethesda, where cold temperatures and snow forced MCPS to have emergency weather schedule changes each day, following the planned closure on Monday, Jan. 28 for a teacher professional day. All photos by Zoe Kaufmann.


An early release allowed students to return home just after noon, as snow and low temperatures settled across the East Coast.


Light snowfall continued on Wednesday, and MCPS cancelled school in the early hours of the morning after an initial call to delay opening.


Icy roads and unplowed streets prevented an on-time opening on Thursday; residual weather concerns led MCPS to delay opening.


While the week’s second wave of snow fell on Friday, weather and road conditions quickly escalated. As snow accumulated in front of Jerome M. Marco Stadium, MCPS released students early to cap off a week of snowy, shortened school days.

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