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Both Quiz Bowl teams go 2-2 in last Beltway League meet of the season

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Both Quiz Bowl teams go 2-2 in last Beltway League meet of the season

By Zara Ali

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The Quiz Bowl team competed in the last Beltway League meet of their regular season Jan. 10 at Walter Johnson High School. Both A and B teams went 2-2.

The Vikes A team crushed the Rockville Rams A team with a score of 515-395, but suffered a defeat against the Richard Montgomery Rockets after losing narrowly by 25 points. In round three, the Vikings bounced back up, winning against the Churchill Bulldogs A team 585-320. In their last round against Sandy Springs Friends, the Vikings lost by 45 points.

Team B also participated, winning against the Rockville Rams B team and the BCC Barons.

Both teams ended the competition maintaining the same ranking they went in with: 4th and 8th respectively. The team’s next event is playoffs on Jan. 31.

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