Freshman band “Conspiracy” gains recognition

By Marina Diez

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Freshmen are typically regarded as inexperienced newbies, but this year one freshman band is breaking the mold. Some people even know them as the band that almost opened for Maroon 5.

Ryan Savage (right) sings during a after school Conspiracy practice in Savage's basement. Photo by Marina Diez.

The band, Conspiracy, is a mainstream rock cover-band with five members: lead guitarist Carson Lystad, drummer/vocalist Ryan Savage, bassist Jason Frankel, guitarist Nathaniel Sherman and drummer/vocalist Joey Williams.

Conspiracy performs songs by bands like Nirvana, The Beatles, Foo Fighters, Weezer and Green Day, as well as a few original songs.

Two summers ago, at Bach to Rock music camp, Conspiracy received an invitation to record at the camp’s studio.

“They shoved us in a recording studio for a week,” Lystad said. “We practiced every day in the studio, but only recorded two of our own songs.”

Last year, Conspiracy started to play for company parties. At one of the parties, the band was recommended to MicroStrategy, Inc. founder Michael Saylor, who invited Conspiracy to open for Maroon 5 at his birthday party.

Despite this, Maroon 5’s cancellation meant Conspiracy didn’t get to play.

The band has performed at Pyle’s 2010 Commencement Ceremony, and will be the youngest band playing at Coffeehouse this year.

“Last year there were no freshmen bands, and they’re pretty popular, so we’re hoping they’ll bring more of a freshman audience,” Coffeehouse co-organizer Siddhu Anandalingam said.

The band also hopes to perform at other major events, like the Talent Show.

“We plan on auditioning with all of our different musical choices,” Savage said. “We hope to at least make it in with one.”

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