Need a new Homecoming outing? Here are six.

By Hailey Siller

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For this year’s Homecoming, try something other than a traditional Bethesda restaurant. Follow the Black & White’s lead as we take a look at six other homecoming options.

Picnic on the Potomac River

Instead of a classic picnic with red-and-white checkered blankets and a woven basket, try an outdoor potluck with your friends. Bring iPod speakers and relax on the shores of the Potomac.

Price: $10-$25

Time: Between two and three hours

Location: Swain’s Lock, Travilah, MD 20854

Party Bus to Adams Morgan

Venture out of the Bethesda bubble, into Adams Morgan. Photo courtesy

Take a party bus to Adams Morgan, a lively, restaurant-filled neighborhood in D.C. where

you can explore different cuisines from around the world. The food ranges from carryout falafel to empanadas. Cashion’s Eat Place specializes in Mediterranean cuisine, Pasta Mia’s makes great fresh mozzarella and Perry’s serves sushi on the rooftop for a twist. Party on the way down and enjoy the variety of ethnic cuisine in Adams Morgan.

Price: $20-$50

Time: Between two and three hours

Location: At the corner of Columbia Road and 18th Street NW, Washington, D.C. 20009

Home-cooked meals as a potluck

Apotluck  is a fun, cheap alternative dinner option for Homecoming. Photo courtesy

On a homier note, a potluck meal in the comfort of a friend’s house provides an assortment of tasty treats for everyone to try. Prepare your best dish and share it with all of your friends.

Price: $10-15

Time: Between one and three hours

Marrakesh, a Moroccan belly dancing restaurant

Take the Metro’s red line to Gallery Place-Chinatown, walk three blocks to Marrakesh Restaurant. Customers will eat like a native, lying back in low-slung couches with pillows. Share a meal on round, hand-painted Moroccan tables. Afterwards transport yourself from the belly dancing of Morocco to the “modern” moves of Whitman students at the dance.

Price: $30-55

Time: Between two and three hours

Location: 617 New York Avenue NW, Washington D.C., 20001

Spirit dinner cruise on the Potomac River

Experience the magnificent views of D.C. from a different perspective by dining on the Potomac River. The Spirit dinner cruise is well-prepared for school homecomings, and provides river-diners with a special twilight cruise that leaves near the Washington Harbor at 4 p.m., ensuring enough time to arrive at Whitman ready to dance.

Price: $40-70

Time: About three hours

Location: Pier 4 at 6th & Water Streets SW, Washington D.C., 20024

Personal Chef

For the ultimate dining experience, bring the restaurant to you. Hire a personal chef to create a magical meal for you and your friends in the comfort of your own home.

Price: $30-60

Time: Between two and three hours

Location: A friend’s house

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