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Girls, boys lacrosse playoff games postponed due to severe weather

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Girls Lacrosse

The girls lacrosse game against the Walter Johnson Wildcats was postponed due to severe weather conditions Monday.

The Vikes were up 1–0 with 20:03 remaining in the first half when the game was called. Midfielder Kieley O’Hara scored the goal to put the team up by one heading into the remainder of the game.

The game will resume Tuesday at 5pm at Gaithersburg High School.


Boys Lacrosse

The boys lacrosse game against the undefeated Churchill Bulldogs was suspended after the first quarter due to a tornado warning in the area.

The team fell behind 7–0 in the first quarter, but they look to come back from this early deficit and resume play Tuesday at Churchill starting at 4:15pm.

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