When exams have got you down, get your blood sugar up

By Nalini Tata

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Don’t burn out over exams– here are some of the tips to help you keep focused.

Eat breakfast! A quick breakfast improves concentration, so remember that the simple sugars from juices and cereals can give you quick boost of energy. Protein and carbs, especially whole grains, will metabolize more slowly to sustain your blood sugar level for a longer period of time. It’s important to have a good balance of both food groups so you’re energized and awake for your first exam and have enough energy to endure a second.

Carry a snack! Odwalla or protein bars are best.  Also, keep some water handy. If you have two exams in one day, pack a sandwich— don’t just count on the Whitman cafeteria to serve healthy food.

Get enough sleep! Research shows that inadequate sleep reduces cognitive function and increases stress. Remember, sleep the night before counts as much as on the night of the exam, so make sure you’re running on at least seven to eight hours a day each night.

If you’ve only left yourself one or two days to study for an exam, don’t try to study in-depth. Instead, do the exam review packet for your exam, circle the questions you get wrong do an overview of those topics by re-copying specific notes and retaking old tests. Then redo the review packet, to make sure you’ve got the gist of the subject.

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