New Reddz in Bethesda offers dirt-cheap variety

By Lindsey Galego

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A sheer blouse decorated with vibrant purple paisley prints hangs on a shirt rack.  The waist is cinched around the lower abdomen and the sleeves reach towards the elbows.  Cost: $10.  A manikin at the front of the store wears a knee-length white dress with a high neck.  Cost: $14.  A pair of light brown sandals decorated with reflective mirrors and threaded beads, complete with long laces meant to be worn around the ankles and lower calves, sit on the shelf.  Cost: $30.

These are the sights of Reddz Trading Company, a brand new thrift store in Bethesda.  Reddz carries clothing and accessories that are cute, unique and affordable.

Located on 7801 Woodmont Avenue in downtown Bethesda, Reddz was created by the founders of Commander Salamander, a clothing store located in Georgetown, and Avalon Exchange, a thrift store located in PA.

Reddz calls themselves a “California Resale Store,” according to their site  This means that they buy, sell and re-use clothes, shoes and bags.  Reddz likes to purchase brand-name clothes, like Armani or Armani Exchange, but will purchase vintage items as long as they’re “gently-used.”  Even better, one doesn’t need to make an appointment to sell clothes to Reddz.  Just stop by and make money!

While an array of people shop at Reddz, most customers are broke teenagers and mothers who are trying to save money. Reddz is significantly cheaper than competing venues, such as Mustardseed.

Carrying items from multiple style genres, Reddz is a versatile store that appeals to all types.  As with an entire section devoted to collared shirts, vintage dresses, high-society tweed coats and accessories, the dizzying variety within the store is almost overwhelming.

Those truly curious about Reddz Trading Co. shouldn’t bother visiting the site to check it out — the site only displays a few items.  Instead, visit the store directly.

Reddz is open 11 a.m.-8 p.m. Monday through Saturday and 12 a.m.-6 p.m. on Sundays.

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