Warning lights to be installed at River and Braeburn

By Julie Rosenstein

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Photo by Julie Rosenstein

Photo by Julie Rosenstein

The State Highway Association (SHA) began installing overhead flashing lights at the River Road and Braeburn Parkway intersection, where three Whitman community members were killed last February.

The warning lights are designed to flash when cars approach the intersection to turn onto Braeburn Parkway from River Road. A designated left turn lane is also being added to the intersection.

SHA is estimated to spend $300,000 on the project, which is scheduled to finish later this fall, according to a SHA press release.

Seniors Jack McClelland and Emily Tompkins, who use the intersection frequently, said they think the flashers will make the crowded intersection safer.

“It’s a good idea because it will make people slow down and be more cautious of the intersection,” McClelland said.

“I’m glad that they are taking the initiative to make that intersection safer for everyone,” Tompkins added.

The current measure is not one of the options that was previously discussed in a Bannockburn Civil Association meeting last June. The community may now schedule more discussions to consider further actions, said Richard Boltuck Vice President of the Bannockburn Civil Association.

Some, like Whitman parent Tiffany Audas, think that although the flashers are helpful, there should still be additional safety measures implemented.

“This is long overdue,” Audas said, “and while it’s a step in the the right direction, I believe that a light at the intersection is ultimately the correct solution that needs to be taken to ensure the safety of our community.”

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