Answers to the swimwear dilemma

By Molly Kaplowitz

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Summer is almost here and soon students will spend afternoons lounging by the pool. With the bathing suit season right around the corner, girls must make an important decision: one-piece, tankini or bikini?

Arizona Jean Company’s artsy Paint Splatter Ring Tankini is available at JC Penny. Photo courtesy

1) Tankini

For those who desire more coverage, there’s always a tankini. Like a bikini, tankinis let you to show off your body while covering the problem areas. They’re usually more practical and secure, which decreases the possibility of some pesky kid loosening the straps.

If you want a suit with a sailing vibe, try the Nautica brand Grommet suit & D-ring belted skirt. Though somewhat expensive, the suit is worth the splurge.

For a more artsy and abstract suit, try the Arizona Jean Company’s Paint Splatter Ring tankini.

Victoria’s Secret’s Pink bathing suits offer a variety of tops and bottoms to mix and match. Photo courtesy

2) Bikini

I’ve seen my share of younger girls wearing bathing suits better suited for lingerie store racks. While bikinis might seem appropriate on teenagers and even some adults, young children are better off in swimsuits adorned with Disney characters.

But for the high school and older crowd, whether you’re pleasantly plump or have abs of steel, you wear a bikini proudly if you’re comfortable. If the physical pounds start weighing you down try a more modest look.

For a flirty bikini that offers more coverage, try the American Eagle halter bikini top and side-tie bottom in cranberry. The usually wintry hue has a sultry vibe. The suit also complements your figure without looking trashy.

If you prefer a more sophisticated suit, try Victoria’s Secret’s Pink swimwear line.  Match their leopard-print halter top with a black wide-side bottom for a classier take on a trendy bikini.

For a suit to keep all your curves in place, try Miraclesuit’s flattering Sonatina swimsuit. Photo courtesy

3) One-pieces

One-pieces offer the most coverage and range from simple to sultry. If you’re curvy, several companies offer suits to help hold in the extra pounds and give you a slimmer shape.

For a suit to keep all your curves in place, try Miraclesuit’s flattering Sonatina swimsuit.

But keep in mind that your body type doesn’t define the suit you wear. A skinny girl doesn’t always have to wear a two-piece bathing suit. One piece swimsuits can  be a classy alternative any time.

If you want to flaunt what you’ve got, try the Xhilaration Solid Monokini swimsuit in ocean blue. The suit is fairly inexpensive and it’s eye-catching color adds to the allure.

If you desire fuller coverage, go for Xhilaration’s one piece swimsuit with ruffles. The ruffles give the suit a flirty vibe rather than making you look frumpy.

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