Avoid the summer slump with a few simple solutions

By Molly Kaplowitz

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Don't slack off as the year comes to an end or you may be surprised with your fancy new C in English. Photo by Melissa Lewis.

As the weather warms up, students are starting to feel the heat. No one can help but cast wistful glances towards open classroom windows, longing to be outside rather than stuck in school.

With the end of school right around the corner, most students no longer possess the patience to spend their afternoons cooped up doing homework. So, I’ve found the solution to the summer slump.

Try to minimize technology while doing homework. If you log off Facebook, you’ll be surprised how quickly you finish work. And when you sign back on, your friends will still be there. Believe it or not, your Farmville crops might not disappear.

The same goes for cell phones.

Just turn ‘em off. Nothing makes studying more difficult than the constant buzz of a new text message.  Again, you might be surprised how much faster you finish work without distractions.

Finally, if you’re just exhausted, try a quick nap. It may seem kindergarden-esque, but a nap is a great refresher. Even though you’ll feel slightly cranky after waking up, trust me, you’ll be recharged and refreshed.

The key is to focus, and not just on the growing allure of the pool. It may be beautiful outside, but failed term papers and final exams aren’t a pretty sight.

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