Spotted: the romper

By Lindsey Galego

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Senior Joelle Levinas shows how to dress your romper up or down.  Photo by Sarah Klotz.

Senior Joelle Levinas demonstrates how to dress a romper up or down. Photo by Sarah Klotz.

Students wearing rompers have been spotted.  In the school, in Vogue—even Jennifer Lopez designed her own romper as part of her fashion line, JLO. 

Whether the romper, also known as a onesie or jumpsuit, is made from cotton, denim or silk, it’s quickly becoming the newest fashion trend.    

What exactly is a romper?  A romper combines a blouse with shorts or pants.  A romper is to be confused with a jumper: a short, sleeveless dress usually worn by younger girls.

Rompers made its debut in France during the early 1900s.  They were originally designed for children but later became popular among older generations.  Eventually adults wore rompers as leisure outfits and beach-wear.

Rompers are versatile and can be worn year-round.  A staple item for the upcoming season, rompers can be paired with tights and scarves during colder months, or dressed up with heels and decadent jewelry for a fancier look.

Experiment with bold patterns like paisley, which will update your romper and enhance your look.  However, be aware of what accessories you pair your romper with.  Rompers can quickly turn into a fashion faux-pas, so avoid strapless rompers with super short shorts.

Rompers flatter every height.  If you’re especially tall and skinny, choose a romper with long billowing pants.  If you’re especially short, go with a solid-colored or denim romper to lengthen your appearance.  If necessary, add a belt to create more of an hourglass silhouette.  Students who are self-conscious about their legs should purchase a romper with a longer short.  Rompers come in many materials and shapes, so don’t give up if you’re not satisfied with the first few you find.

For more information regarding rompers, visit the for recommendations on where to buy a romper for all price ranges.

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