Homecoming Court: A preview

By Julia Pearl-Schwartz

Before the King and Queen are announced tomorrow, take a look at the members of this year’s Homecoming Court:

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Photo courtesy Jamey Greenbaum.

Jamey Greenbaum

The Black & White: To whom can you attribute your nomination?

Jamey Greenbaum: I owe my nomination to that random kid in my English classes who shouted ‘hey, wouldn’t it be funny if we all voted for Jamey?’

B&W: Why do you deserve to be Homecoming King?

JG: I present the camaraderie and good humor that all kings need.

B&W: What makes you royal?

JG: My followers bow down to me.


Photo courtesy Johnny Stricklett.

Johnny Stricklett

The Black & White: What helped you earn your nomination?

Johnny Stricklett: I’ve been told that I am unassuming and down-to-earth. I guess I try not to attract attention to myself. Perhaps this makes me an interesting choice for Homecoming King. Perhaps people wonder how I would react when showered with this level of attention.

B&W: What gives you an edge over your competition?

JS: Although I am not the first nominee to want world peace, I am probably one of the first concert pianists to be nominated as Homecoming King.

B&W: How does it feel to be considered for the position?

JS: I have a feeling that the people who nominated me expected me to be surprised. Yeah, I’m surprised. On the other hand, I see this as an interesting opportunity to support my school and make my final year of high school memorable.


Photo courtesy Roxana Taginya.
Photo courtesy Roxana Taginya.

Roxana Taginya

The Black & White: What policy changes will you make if you win?

Roxana Taginya: Well, I am working on a rainbows and unicorn platform.  But if that doesn’t work, I always fall back on world peace.

B&W: What is your campaign’s slogan?

RT: Vote for me, Roxana T., for your next Homecoming Queen. With hand signals.

B&W:  If you could give an acceptance speech, what would you say?

RT: It would be the acceptance speech from “Mean Girls”.


Kendall Eisenberg

Photo courtesy Kendall Eisenberg.

The Black & White: Are you going to put your face on currency if you win?

Kendall Eisenberg: Yes. I’d put my face on the highest bill possible because how cool would that be?

B&W: What is the first thing you would do as queen?

KE: First thing I would do is send the queen of England a Facebook invite for tea.

B&W: What song would you have played whenever you enter the room if you were Queen, and why?

KE: If I were queen, the song would be 300 Violin Orchestra by Jorge Quintero because it would make such a statement every time you walked into a room.  It would be so dramatic.

Photo courtesy Jeremy Drysdale.

Jeremy Drysdale:

The Black & White: How does it feel to be nominated?

Jeremy Drysdale: It feels neat. I never thought I would be even considered. It feels nice knowing people out there thought of me when they wrote down some names.

B&W: What is your most royal quality?

JD: I would have to say it’s my total ability to accept being served by others.



Photo courtesy Catherine Schneider.
Photo courtesy Catherine Schneider


Catherine Schneider

The Black & White: What are the three most queen-like qualities about yourself?

Catherine Schneider: I’m awesome, gorgeous and kind.

B&W: If you could convince Whitman that you should be queen in five words or less, how would you do it?

CS: I will rock your world.

B&W: If you could only have one facial expression for the rest of your life, what would it be?

CS: A big smile on my face!


Photo courtesy Whitney Cinkala.


Whitney Cinkala

The Black & White: Why do you deserve the throne?

WC: I don’t.

B&W: What will you do with the crown if you win?

WC: Take it home, shine it daily and keep it in a glass case as a centerpiece in my living room.

B&W: Who do you want your King to be and why?

WC: I’d be honored to have any of these fine men as my King.

Photo courtesy Peter Rowan.
Photo courtesy Peter Rowan.


Peter Rowan

The Black & White: What makes you fit to be king?

PR: I am hashtag M-V-Peter. Enough said.

B&W: How will you react if you win?

PR: I will be completely shocked, honestly. Two weeks ago, I would never have guessed I would be nominated for homecoming king.

B&W: Who is your most intimidating competitor and why?

PR: The most intimidating competitor is definitely Nkunim. He has the support of the entire football team and he is the reigning prince.


Nominees who declined to be interviewed: Maya Guthman, Nkunim Edusei.