Sweet Green definitely tops the new Bethesda Yogi Berry

By Stephanie Haven

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Sweet Green tastes much better than Yogi Berry. Want proof? The contents of this cup were consumed before I could find the camera. Photo by Stephanie Haven.

10 topping choices. Three free toppings. One environmentally friendly cup and spoon. Healthy food never tasted so good.

Personally, I’m a double mango and strawberry kind of person. If they don’t have mango, there’s no point in spending $4. But, when it is there, I would empty my wallet for this delicious small cup of frozen yogurt.

It may not satisfy your sweet tooth, but the fruity toppings juxtaposed with the tart zing of the original frozen yogurt will keep you coming back for more. And more. And more.

Maybe they slipped something in there when I wasn’t looking, but I’m definitely addicted.

Just don’t munch on the spoon after you finish. Whatever makes it decomposable also makes it taste putrid.

But then, take this beauteous cup of wonder and compare it to the over-priced, over-sugary Yogi Berry.

They make you pay for each topping. Puh-lease. They fail at mastering the original flavor. It tastes like frozen sugar water.

While sweets are always nice, there’s a limit. Despite what it said on the blackboard behind Aaron Samuel’s new hair cut, the limit does exist.

And it’s not cold. Instantly melting frozen ..uh… soup yogurt will pretty quickly form in the non-decomposable cup and you will be left with a luke-warm sugar-water mixture with some toppings bobbing around. Yum?

Personal preference may be based on how much of a die-hard sugar addict you are, but for those of us with limited cash flow and a desire to be healthy and environmentally friendly, there is only one option, no matter what three toppings you choose.

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