Get your own pair of spats

By Lindsey Galego

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Wishing your heels could magically turn into flashy boots?  Spats make this vision possible. They may sound unfamiliar, but popular icons such as Michael Jackson and Babar wore spats!

So what exactly are spats?  Spats are a type of footwear similar to ankle warmers, intended to slip around the shoe. They can reach as low as the ankle or as high as the thigh.

Originating in France, spats were invented as part of a military uniform in 1903.  The trend quickly spread to Japan in 1905 and to Italy in 1910.  In history, people wore spats as protective gear when working in factories.

Wool spats can be worn to school over ankle boots, over flats during the cold winter months or over stilettos to a fancy event.  Spats come in a variety of styles and sizes: short or thigh-high depending on the desired look.  Available for men and women alike, spats are a unisex accessory appropriate for different weather conditions and diverse events.

Don’t know where to buy spats?  Visit to buy a pair of men’s or women’s spats.  Spatterdash reinvented spats to appeal to more modern buyers.  Women’s spats are sold in three styles: City Ankle, Classic or Flower.  There is a wider selection for men’s spats, but women should feel free to check out the men’s section too.  Spats cost between $58 and $62.

More Victorian-styled spats are available at  Pay $69 for fancy spats or $13.95 for simple, felt, gray spats.

If you prefer lace to leather, then search for a pair of spats made by the German designer, Maide.  These are pricy, but search Maide on and choose the right spats for you.

Spats are appropriate for all seasons and occasions.  It’s also cheaper to buy 10 fun spats than 10 pairs of extraordinary shoes.  Go get your spat on!

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