Gifts for tech lovers

By John Son

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The Nintendo Wii makes for an excellent gift, especially with Walmart's deal. Photo courtesy of

As the holiday seasons approaches, you might wonder what to get that techie friend or family member of yours. With the economy recovering, it’s easy to find bargains among electronic companies desperate to woo consumers. Here are a few of those great deals.

Nintendo Wii for $200– Walmart is offering to sell the console for $200, and giving a $50 gift card with it. Since its debut in 2006, the price has changed little from its original $250 because demand has been so high. This one is worth mentioning purely because it’s a good deal for a quality console. Plus, the system comes with the ever popular Wii Sports- boxing, golf, tennis and bowling. Click here to see the product.

iPod nano 5th generation with camera, microphone and LivePause- The media constantly raves about the iPod, and it’s not without reason- the newest iPod nano has a host of useful features. With an excellent video camera, Apple’s trademark music player and interface and FM Radio that you can pause in real time. The nano is the perfect gift at $149 for 8 GB. Click here to see the product.

The Toshiba Satellite laptop with an AMD Athlon processor- It’s an ideal time to buy a laptop- not only are great deals available, but laptops now give much more bang for your buck. If anything, the problem is trying to purchase something that’s not too powerful to save money. Many computers hold more power than most people need, and cost more for that reason. Toshiba’s laptops are stable and with Windows 7, the Toshiba Satellite is perfect for everyday use. For $430 at Best Buy, 3 GB of multi-tasking memory and a 320 GB hard drive, the Satellite is a powerful laptop for its price. Click here to see the product.

The Canon Powershot A1100 IS– It’s relatively cheap, available for between $130 and $150, and has good zoom and resolution. With 4x zoom, more than most point-and-shoot cameras, an admirable 12 megapixels and a practical design, the A1100 is a perfect buy for the friend that loves to take casual pictures. Click here to see the product.

The Flip Video by Pure Digital Technologies has been wildly successful—it’s a tiny, portable video camera that records decent quality video, up to 640×480 resolution. Steve Jobs even mentioned it as a baseline for the video camera the new iPod nano features. And the 120 minute version costs only $90 on Amazon. Click here to see the product.

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