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Sophomore band plays their way into school spotlight

By Juelia Fong

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Members of sophomore band Lockhouse 8, formally known as Borealis, prove that a band doesn’t have to be widely recognized to win the Battle of the Bands, which took place Feb. 23 to raise money for Leukemia and Lymphoma month.

Sophomore band Lockhouse 8, formerly Borealis, won the first Battle of the Bands competition this year. Photo by Annie Russell.

Sophomores Jake Dahreddine (vocals), Jack Jobst (guitar), Colin Rankin (drums) and freshman Will Guerry (bass), formed the band this past August.

Having played only once in front of a live audience prior to the competition, the band was shocked when they won the coveted Battle of the Bands. Following their success, Lockhouse 8 played their first Coffeehouse on March 4.

While playing music for fun last year, the band members realized they had the potential to become more than just an after-school activity and decided to form a band.

“We stopped for a second while just jamming and were like ‘seriously, we actually sound good,’” Dahreddine said.

The band mates, with the exception of Guerry, have been close friends since their Bannockburn Elementary School days and said they bring their collaborative chemistry to their performances.

“We’ve become closer through the music. It’s awesome playing with the guys because we’re like puzzle pieces that fit together,” Guerry said.

Guerry describes their sound as a “mix between alternative and indie rock” and cites Coldplay, Jack Johnson and Vampire Weekend as influences.

“We’re still experimenting with our sound and trying things out as a new band,” he said. “We’ve all had to compromise, and everyone’s taken a hit for the team.”

Like many newly formed bands, Lockhouse 8 wants to expand its repertoire to include original compositions as well as covers.

The band has made a name for itself through compassionate performances and melodic vocal styles.

“The very first thing you notice is Jake’s voice,” sophomore Maria Reis said. “If you listen to his speaking voice, you wouldn’t be able to tell how good of a singer he is. His voice really shines through and sets the band apart from others.”

Originally known as Borealis, in reference to the Northern Lights or Aurora Borealis, Lockhouse 8 announced its name change at the March 8 Coffeehouse. Rankin and Guerry suggested they change their name to something more personal and chose Lockhouse 8 in reference to the C&O canal locks that are located near their homes.

“They’re definitely one of the best bands at Whitman,” Reis said. “I like how personal they are with their music. Every time I hear them, I feel like I can relate and connect with them.”

Many students in the music community consider Lockhouse 8 members to be promising musicians, which was evident during their performances at Coffeehouse and Battle of the Bands.

“As newcomers, the music scene at Whitman has been surprisingly welcoming and not competitive at all,” Rankin said. “It’s a really friendly atmosphere.”

The band members also hope to take on second instruments and perform more frequently.

“We’re just having fun right now without being too serious,” Guerry said. “It’s an awesome time because I get to play with my closest friends. It’s just great to jam together.”


2 Responses to “Sophomore band plays their way into school spotlight”

  1. Anonymous on April 8th, 2011 7:29 am

    sounds like this band can jam like nonother

  2. Halie on April 14th, 2011 7:54 am

    FYI, Colin and Will have known each other the longest, then Jake, then Jack.

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Sophomore band plays their way into school spotlight