Good artist, bad actor: Swift’s voice is better than her voiceovers

By Hannah Stahl

Taylor Swift will star in her second movie, “The Lorax,” next March.  But after last year’s “Valentine’s Day,” she proved she should stick to singing.

Taylor Swift may be playing a character that looks like her in "The Lorax," but her musical talents don't translate into acting talents. Photo courtesy

In the animated film, Swift will perform the voice of a character not in the original Dr. Seuss story, Audrey, who the main character, Ted, is in love with.

It was disconcerting enough to see Swift play a minor role in “Valentine’s Day,” so the transition to playing a major character can’t be good.

I’ll admit that Swift was somewhat funny in her first movie, but that was only a result of her dim-witted character.  Her lines were hilarious, so it was easy to do a satisfactory job delivering them.  It’s simple to act like a complete idiot, which is all her character was.

Despite her incredibly easy role, Swift made it obvious that acting isn’t her forté.  She shouldn’t branch away from what so many teen girls love: her music.

We’ve seen her as a dumb high school girl, and now we’re expected to watch her voyage through a forest of Truffula trees? Swift should really stop taking these acting offers and save everyone from more discomfort.