Velovoom puts a new spin on cycling

By Marina Diez

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Wheels spinning. Feet pumping. Sweat dripping. Welcome to Velovoom, a new cycling center on Cordell Avenue.

Velovoom opened on Cordell Avenue in January. Later in the year, they plan to offer a class for teens. Photo by Melissa Kantor.

The Velovoom studio combines spinning, a cycling technique, with yoga to create a new form of exercise different from the average work out. Velovoom is only available for cycling classes, each of which cost $20.

Classes take place in dimly-lit rooms thumping with upbeat music, and participants do yoga afterward to unwind and stretch.

“At first I thought it was going to be boring,” junior Alixe Siegel said. “I never really liked going to the gym, but it was so much fun that I’m slightly addicted to it.”

The exercise routine began in a New York gym five years ago, when Velovoom co-founder Marc Caputo found it a great way to manage his own health problems.

“This is a very low impact exercise that’s easier on your knees than running,” Weinberg said.

Caputo teamed up with co-founder Kelly Weinberg, a family therapist, and combined some exercise strategies to form Velovoom. Since then, Velovoom has expanded to meet clientele of both Los Angeles and, recently, Bethesda.

“We chose Bethesda because we all grew up in communities, and we know how helpful and caring these communities are,” Weinberg said. “It was the perfect place to put the studio.”

Following the helpful and caring community vibe, new classes specifically for teenage girls will be added in the spring. Hopefully, they’ll  promote a healthy body image and give girls a non-threatening environment, Weinberg said.

“We felt like we had to do well in Bethesda before we could go to bigger cities like Baltimore,” Weinberg sad. “The nice vibes make exercise a lot of fun, and people care about you and the business.”

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