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SGA and SMOB results

By Surbhi Agrawal April 29, 2010

SGA results: President: Zach Schloss Vice President Hannah Sherman Treasurer: Alex Luta Secretary: Sarah Backenstoe Robert Voetsch Student Member of the Board (SMOB) Richard...

Baseball community night brings out many parents and staff

By Surbhi Agrawal April 17, 2010

The baseball community night last week celebrated the new dugouts for the Whitman baseball team.

Cappies review gives “Amadeus” loud applause

By Surbhi Agrawal March 9, 2010

*By Devin Goodman of Wootton High School* The curtains open. Dark shapes in traditional 18th century clothing fill the stage. One of Mozart's pieces begins to echo off the walls of the theater....

Perspective: experiencing Chile’s devastating earthquake firsthand

By Surbhi Agrawal March 6, 2010

*By Magdalena Carrasco-Roehrs ('08)* On Feb. 27 around 3:30 a.m., I woke up and felt my room shaking. I thought that it was just a tremor, but as it got worse, I realized it was an earthquake, and...

Textbooks as dry as this headline

By Surbhi Agrawal February 23, 2010

*By Sarah Cutler* I spent a solid week reading nothing but my history textbook during exams. And of course, I’ve been reading it throughout the school year (or at least I've been assigned to...

Blizzard hits, two feet of snow everywhere

By Surbhi Agrawal February 6, 2010

Check out blizzard photos from different Whitman neighborhoods! [autoviewer id=8] Photo six: Juniors Gavi Perl, Keren Tseytlin and Sapir Yarden stand at the intersection of River Road. Photo...

Experiencing one side of India

By Surbhi Agrawal January 27, 2010

*By Melanie Goldberg* I never understood the extent of the Bethesda bubble until I went to India.  The Bethesda bubble is a curious phenomenon in which, despite proximity to the nation's capital,...

Photo of the Day

By Surbhi Agrawal December 3, 2009

Whitman cheerleaders competed in the 2009 Montgomery County Division III Cheer Competition at Blair High School.

Season six “Entourage” disappoints loyal fans

By Surbhi Agrawal October 29, 2009

*By Tim Freeman* After six seasons, HBO's hit television series "Entourage" has officially passed its prime. The focus of the show in the most recent season has shifted from glitzy Hollywood lifestyles...

Driver’s Ed should be a MCPS class

By Surbhi Agrawal September 15, 2009

*By Alana Neuman* Paying hundreds of dollars for a state-required drivers’ education class can be difficult for many families. To ease this financial burden, drivers’ education should be incorporated...

Chatting with new teachers

By Surbhi Agrawal September 15, 2009

*Sahil Ansari* Wondering who those new faces around the school are? The Black & White sits down with some of this year’s new teachers who share their deepest, darkest secrets with Whitman. Music...

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