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  • The Shakespeare Club's performance of "Julius Caesar" will be on April 29 and 30 at 7:00 p.m. in the WAUD. Admission is $5.

  • Festival of the Arts is April 26 and 27 from 6-9 p.m.

  • Come to A234 on April 26 during lunch for a presentation on immigration and refugee settlement. Pizza will be served.

  • The media center will be closed before and during school April 26 for SMOB voting.

  • See Ms. Safran in B311 if you're interested in becoming Whitman's liaison to the Montgomery County Regional SGA.

  • Whitman Idol is April 25 at 7 p.m. in the auditorium. Admission is $5.

  • Anyone interested in auditioning as a speaker at graduation should come to A212 on April 27 after school.

  • Tickets for prom are being sold starting April 24 at $45 per person.

  • The Science Club will be hosting interactive discussions and presentations on April 25. Come to Room C326 after school.

  • Dogs will be visiting Whitman on April 21. Stop by the small gym during both lunch periods.

Robotics shifts into gear for new competition season

Graphic by Avery Johnston.

Graphic by Avery Johnston.

Graphic by Avery Johnston.

By Carmen Molina

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After making it to FIRST Worlds Championships last year, the Whitman robotics team is gearing up for another competition season.

Every year, FIRST robotics announces a new challenge for high school robotics teams around the world to compete in. Each year’s event is announced in a “kickoff,” where teams watch a video explaining the game, receive a full manual of rules and regulations and gather together to start brainstorming. From there, teams have six weeks to completely plan, build and program their robot from scratch.

This year’s competition, “FIRST Steamworks,” revolves around using teams of robots to assemble and load an “airship” for take off. Points can be earned by retrieving and loading gears, shooting balls of “fuel” into the ship, and climbing a rope to mount the airship.

The drive team, which typically consists of three players, has been increased to five due to the nature of the game: the two drivers, one “coach” who strategizes gameplay, and two human players who operate on the field.

Because teams will make alliances with two other schools to work as a team in competition rounds, it isn’t necessary for the robot to complete all three tasks well.

“The main emphasis of our gameplay is scoring a lot of gears really, really fast,” programming head Ari Mindell said. “We designed this crazy base of our robot where it’s got like eight different wheels and it switches back and forth and what it allows it to do is move sideways and left and right and also go ridiculously fast.”

The robot will be able to complete the two other tasks as well, but these are of less priority.

In the past three weeks since the challenge has been announced, the robotics team has designed, prototyped, and created a full 3D model of the robot, the pieces of which began arriving on Jan. 23.

“It’s a really tight scheduleevery single day there’s stuff blocked out that has to get done, and everyone’s been working really intensely,” Mindell said. “The next step now that our parts are in is to start fabricating and once that’s done, we just got to drive it, program it, and get it ready to be in competition.”

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Robotics shifts into gear for new competition season